Infinite Ur Quan

Relive the excitement of Ur Quan masters...just like the first time!

Infinite Ur Quan Masters is an open-sourced project dedicated to preserving The Ur Quan Masters (open-sourced Star Control 2) by making it much more REPLAYABLE.


Infinite Ur Quan Masters comes in 2 varieties:

1.) Play Ur Quan Masters in a procedurally generated universe that changes every time you play!

Download the GAME


2.) Make your OWN video game with the Ur Quan Masters source code

Ever wanted to add some new weapons, aliens, missions or features to the Star Control 2? Maybe just learn some coding?

The Ur Quan Masters source code is elegant and simple. With this STANDALONE download, you can modify anything and build your very own game using a game engine that's almost identical to the original Star Control 2.

Download the SOURCE CODE

Need some help figuring out how to make your own game? Tutorials coming soon!